The flood brought by Sendong might have caused a setback to Paseo del Rio, a masterplanned community just south of the city proper. But the Pelaez Group are bent on continuing and finishing this multi-billion project which boasts of a convention center and a world-class hotel.

No other than renowned architect Felino Palafox, the designer of the project, said that this undertaking will be a good example of adaptive architecture…which means the building’s design will the adapt to the flood-prone condition of the setting.861310_10151810394337692_553723587_o 1244543_10151810399047692_894744659_o 1262509_10151810398547692_1472285935_o 1276499_10151810399677692_255513323_o 1277519_10151810395952692_279145246_o 1292028_10151810395032692_1056134379_o 1292051_10151810398062692_88963689_o1271737_10151810398812692_2021555343_o

all photos by Engr. Elpie Paras

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