The annual parade usually showcases the different schools in the city.

Here is part 2 showing some secondary and collegiate schools. Notably absent were Capitol University and Xavier University.

IMG_9919 IMG_9918

IMG_9917 IMG_9916

IMG_9915 IMG_9911

IMG_9910 IMG_9909

IMG_9907 IMG_9906

IMG_9905 IMG_9904

IMG_9903 IMG_9902

IMG_9901 IMG_9900

IMG_9897 IMG_9895

IMG_9893 IMG_9892

IMG_9890 IMG_9886

IMG_9885 IMG_9883

IMG_9880 IMG_9879

IMG_9878 IMG_9877

IMG_9876 IMG_9875

IMG_9874 IMG_9873

IMG_9872 IMG_9867

IMG_9866 IMG_9865

IMG_9863 IMG_9861

IMG_9860 IMG_9859

IMG_9858 IMG_9856

IMG_9855 IMG_9854

IMG_9851 IMG_9850

IMG_9849 IMG_9848

IMG_9845 IMG_9844

IMG_9847 IMG_9846

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