Here are photos of the newly opened Duaw Park.

As shown, I think there is still a lot of work to be done to make it really a river park. The first things you will certainly notice are the six globe lights installed along the riverbank which were transferred from Divisoria. I also assume the landscaping you see are just temporary for the ongoing garden show which runs up to the end of the month. Also, the limestone ground could be slippery when wet. But still, this progress was rushed to open the garden show.A police outpost stands at the entrance near the bridge.

In previous news releases, part of the redevelopment includes the adjacent tennis court…so what you see aren’t really the full development. Perhaps, we could see a concrete pathway, some railings, benches and a fully covered grassy ground. Browse over the photos below.

IMG_9652 IMG_9651 IMG_9650

IMG_9649 IMG_9648 IMG_9647

IMG_9646 IMG_9644 IMG_9643

IMG_9642 IMG_9641 IMG_9640

IMG_9639 IMG_9638 IMG_9637

IMG_9636 IMG_9635 IMG_9634

IMG_9633 IMG_9632 IMG_9631

IMG_9630 IMG_9626 IMG_9625

IMG_9624 IMG_9623 IMG_9622



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