With Task Force Hapsay Dalan, the traffic flow along the main streets in Cagayan de Oro City proper have improved.

However, in the absence of traffic enforcers and more often you can still encounter motor vehicles with traffic violations like parking in a No Parking zone, counter-flowing in a one way street, reckless driving, no tail lights, and many more.

But guess what, do you know that the Land Transportation Office (LTO) has an SMS service that allows the public to access official information about a certain motor vehicle?

All you have to do is text the following: LTO VEHICLE <PLATE NUMBER> and send to 2600. You’ll get a reply in a minute. But here’s a drawback – IT ONLY WORKS DURING LTO OFFICE HOURS – meaning 8:00am-5:00pm on weekdays and none on weekends. But knowing government offices,you need to text early because chances are you won’t get a reply if you send your text later than 4:00pm.

I tried it with the car shown below which was parked in front of me…. The license plate reads KDG 756. So I typed LTO VEHICLE KDG756 – all CAPITAL LETTERS AND DON’T PUT SPACE.


…and look, here’s LTO’s reply….it’s an orange Kia Picanto 2006 – newly registered last June 07, 2013 with no LTO apprehension and LTO alarm. It’s also says P2.50 per text. It’s accurate. It’s quite fun…try it with your motor vehicle.


Data is taken from LTO’s database which is linked nationwide.This is also very helpful when you try to buy second hand motor vehicles and check if it’s reported stolen (LTO alarm). But sadly, the system does not show the name of the registered owner – (maybe due to privacy or security reasons).

The said LTO SMS Service also offers other motoring-related information (by texting the all-capital keywords to 2600):

  • LTO NEW NON PRO: Requirements for new non-professional driver’s license
  • LTO RENEW NON PRO: Requirements for renewal of non-professional driver’s license
  • LTO NEW STUDENT: Requirements for a new student permit
  • LTO NEW REG PRIVATE: Procedures for new registration of private vehicles
  • LTO RENEW REG PRIVATE: Procedures for renewal of registration of private vehicles
  • LTO COMPLAINT PUV <PLATE NUMBER> <COMPLAINT>: Complaints regarding for-hire motor vehicles

So, next time if you encounter some “reckless driver”, memorize the license plate and send to 2600.

Info from topgear.com.ph

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