The recent bombing incident has caused a minor setback especially in the city’s tourism industry. But one foreign tourist who has been in the city posted in his Facebook account his personal message to the city and dedicated his smile to the beautiful people who inspires him.

Kyle Jennermann is a Canadian adventurer and through his Miles of Smiles Adventure, he has traveled around the world sharing his “Smiles”… His message has been shared several times in social networks. I have re-posted his message below.

Cagayan De Oro

On the 26th of July 2013, there was a bombing in Cagayan De Oro which killed 8 people and injured many… At the time of the attack I had just left Cagayan De Oro and was exploring an area north of the city. When I first heard of the seriousness of the bombing I felt terrible for all the people who have been affected by this disgusting brutal attack. Firstly, I would like to pass on my well wishes and heart felt sadness to everyone in Cagayan and the entire Philippines who have been affected by this terrible, terrible occurrence. But, I would also like to share this with everyone…

I first came to Cagayan De Oro back in January, 2013 and brought along four of my closest friends from Canada. We spent 7 days in the area… exploring islands, beaches, mountains, river rafting, and many beautiful outdoor areas that make up this part of Northern Mindanao. I could go on writing a novel about how many beautiful natural outdoor areas there are in this part of the Philippines, and the experiences my friends and I had… but, what stands out to me more is THE PEOPLE. That 7 days I spent in Cagayan De Oro in January, and this recent 5 days have been beyond inspirational…. and why?… Every day I am inspired by the kindness, generosity, friendliness, and happiness of the people here in Cagayan. You don’t have to search for it here in Cagayan De Oro, all you simply need to do is walk around and interact with the people. I always tell my friends: “The world can learn a lot from Filipino culture”… and I can honestly say that the people here in this part of the world inspire me every day… It has been life changing coming to this place, meeting the friends I have met, and being welcomed like family!

I just wanted to write this little note because I am worried. I am worried that people around the Philippines and around the world will hear about this bombing, and think it is unsafe to come here…. and they will miss out on not only seeing this beautiful part of the world, but more importantly meeting and interacting with the beautiful people that are from here! I just want people to know that Cagayan De Oro is a safe place, a beautiful place, and a place with amazing people! Once again, I would like to pass along my heart felt sadness and well wishes to anyone who has been affected by this tragedy! I also hope that people can look past this terrible event and not be in fear of this part of the world… because there are soo many beautiful people waiting to say hello and welcome you here!

I would like to dedicate this SMILE (which was taken with my friends back in January) to Cagayan De Oro, and the beautiful people who live here for inspiring my life!

Kyle Jennermann

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photo posted in facebook by Chisum Factura

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