The Task Force Hapsay Dalan led by Atty. Jose Edgardo ‘Egay’ Uy has partnered with the group Campaigners for Road Courtesy and Discipline in an effort to alleviate the city’s traffic condition.

The CRCD is composed of concerned businessmen, private citizens, professionals, employees and students who voluntarily and freely shared their valuable time and efforts in manning heavy traffic along major city streets and intersections. In fact, since its formation years ago, the group had already undergone several training and seminars with the Land Transportation Office in order to equip themselves with the necessary skills and expertise in the enforcement of traffic laws, policies and regulations.

Photos taken today at Divisoria show a CRCD volunteer (Ben Contreras) checking a government vehicle with license plate (CIDG-CIS).

IMG_8802 IMG_8801

IMG_8802b IMG_8802a

with text from City Information Office

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