Construction of JR Borja Bridge’s main supports are now ongoing as shown in the photos taken at noon today.

First picture shows the temporary levee now almost 3 quarters of the river width.


At this point of the levee, you could see a circular encasement (left) where the steel encasement will be placed.


You could see the steel encasement in the following photos ready for installation. Once placed inside the bored hole, concrete will be poured into it.


IMG_8811 IMG_8810 IMG_8809

Meanwhile, you can see that initial site clearing has started at Carmen side. The first houses to be demolished are the ones near the river.

IMG_8807 IMG_8806

This project is targeted to be completed in January 2015 so we may see a lot of bored piles in the next months. The bridge project also includes its approaches on both sides so a lot of demolition will have to be made.

IMG_8817 IMG_8816

IMG_8815 IMG_8814 IMG_8813

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