The “yellow boxes” are now back in the city with the initial areas at Divisoria now being painted with yellow markings.

Yellow boxes are designated loading/unloading areas for public utility vehicles. Parking is not allowed inside the yellow boxes. This was first used way back in the late 1990s but the yellow paint more often fades and jeepney drivers continue to load and unload passengers everywhere they want. For many years, re-painting was not done as the “No loading/unloading” signs are continuously ignored. The non-apprehension of violators by traffic enforcers further aggravated the situation. With the “Hapsay Dalan” operation, enforcement is a vital factor. Traffic education too should include the general public as many continue to hail jeepneys in areas not designated for such. More yellow boxes will be placed in several designated areas in the city.

Photos below show the yellow boxes along RN Abejuela Street covering three blocks: China Bank-Kathryn’s Bakeshop, Chowking-Veteran’s Bank, and Cinnamon.

IMG_8624 IMG_8625 IMG_8626 IMG_8627 IMG_8628

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