The restoration of the original color of the old 1939 city hall building has began.

Accordingly, this is one of the initial undertakings made by the city’s first lady Arlene Moreno. Photos below show ongoing exterior painting of the City Hall built in 1939.

IMG_8603 IMG_8603a

You could see that the green colors along the edges will be covered with white paint.

IMG_8604 IMG_8605

The original seal is still there…


Other plans and proposals are also being studied. Among them are: conversion of the Golden Friendship Tennis Court (across City Hall) into a new park extending to the river bank (Duaw Park); rehabilitation of Gaston Park to include its old fountain; and relocation of the City Museum (from old Water Tower) to the City Hall complex facing the river. Tennis players displaced could use the new tennis court along Hayes Street which will also be rehabilitated to be more “playable”.

These are just initial projects, so expect more to come. Maybe, once completed, the city could really claim to be a heritage city worth visiting.

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