Zaldy Ocon has come a long way…

From the radio announcer’s booth, his charismatic voice led him to the session hall of the City Council. After an unsuccessful run as Vice Mayor, he’s now back as Cagayan de Oro City Councilor. And last Sunday, I got the surprise when he was preaching during a mass break at St. Augustine Cathedral. His talk was more like a bible study with emphasis on the history of Catholicism in the country. He sounded like a so-called “Catholic Defender”… the ones you see at Rizal Monument before in Divisoria. In his talk, he only asked one question: “Which religion (Christian) was founded by Jesus Christ?” … and he named all the other religious sects, its founders, year founded and where it was founded…. He stopped his talk when one parishioner approached him and whispered something (perhaps, the next mass is about to start…)…and he thanked everybody and walked off towards the exit right next to St. Joseph’s Garden.

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