Have you ever tried to ask for an official receipt (OR) from a taxi cab in Cagayan de Oro? I guess most of the time you wouldn’t care getting one after paying the fare reflected by the taxi meter.

ORs issued by taxis are very beneficial especially in planning trips in terms of budgeting, distances and travel time. Shown above is an OR issued by a taxi from YMCA in Puntod to Divisoria. From the OR, you can get vital info such as: date (July 11); travel time (9 minutes); distance (1.8 kms); time boarded the taxi (3:01PM) and time alighted (3:10PM); and even waiting time (4 minutes). Of course you also get the name of the taxi (Tayyiba Taxi); taxi operator (Apipa G.G.); and address (Barra, Opol).

Taxis in CDO have been issuing receipts for four (4) years now. Read my post in 2009 HERE.

So, next time you board a taxi in CDO, ask for a receipt. Who knows, it just might save you one day or recover any of your belongings left inside a taxi.

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