In Day 4 of Operation Hapsay Dalan, the significant improvement of the roads around Cogon and Carmen Market has remained and clear of obstructions. All photos below were taken at around 1:00pm.

Although you could still some “umbrella cart vendors” (vending carts with umbrellas) in some corners, traffic flow has really improved. Prior to Hapsay Dalan, motorists particularly private vehicles will try to avoid going into both markets due to traffic. This is caused by sidewalk and street vendors occupying about a lane on both sides of the four-lane road network around Cogon (JR Borja, Osmeña, Yacapin and Capt. Vicente Roa). In some cases, only one lane is passable as one lane is used for diagonal parking. Worse, trucks and delivery vans will stop along the road to unload or load goods or products to and from the market aggravating the situation.

Below is Osmeña Street going north. This is a one way street northbound with diagonal parking allowed on the right side. Previously, pedicabs (locally known as trisikads) roam this road with complete disregard of traffic laws counterflowing and posing hazards to transportation.


This is Yacapin Extension one-way going west. Diagonal parking is allowed on both sides. Again, street vending and the trisikads are now gone. I wonder if they will remove the temporary police outpost on the left which is established along the road.


This is still Yacapin Extension…more often traffic is stalled by jeepney drivers loading and unloading passengers.


This is the junction of Yacapin and Capt. Vicente Roa. Previously, the parking areas are occupied by street vendors.


This is JR Borja Street. Most of the sidewalk vendors (at right) are now gone. As I have stated before, “umbrella cart vendors” can still be found but they do not obstruct traffic flow.


This is still JR Borja fronting Gaisano Cogon.


This is Lt. Guillermo Street which connects Arch. Hayes and JR Borja. Previously, this is unpassable to motorists as street vendors crowd this area. You can still see some of the vendors on both sides of the road though.

IMG_8390 IMG_8391

This is junction JR Borja and Osmeña. Some of the vendors have returned but the street is still clear.


In the same corner, a few street vendors are seen.


Meanwhile, below are photos of Carmen Market. This is Ipil Street (along Ororama Carmen).


The major traffic concern in this area is the loading and unloading of PUJs wherein they use the street as temporary terminal thereby blocking traffic. The streets around Carmen Market are also used as terminal for south-bound PUJs (Lumbia, Tumpagon, Besigan, Dansolihon, Baungon, Talakag). Previously, street vending only comes around late in the afternoon coinciding with rush hour.


This is V. Neri Street (west road). Note concrete extensions of the market (left).


Mobile fruit vendors can still be observed (right).


This is still along V. Neri Street. I wonder when will these wooden stalls be removed. These are mostly beauty parlors.

IMG_8379 IMG_8380

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