Because of the traffic along the National Highway leading to Laguindingan Airport caused by the DPWH road rehabilitation project, an alternate route to the airport was recently opened to vehicular traffic especially for those who would want to avoid the delay in catching their flight.

This new route is actually an old municipal road from junction at Barangay Lanao in Alubijid town which connects to Barangay Moog in Laguindingan as shown below. This is the first junction right after the town proper of Alubijid so you won’t miss it. Direction signs to the airport are also posted at the said junction. If you’re coming from Cagayan de Oro, this junction is before the Alubijid Provincial Hospital. CLICK THE MAP FOR LARGER VIEW.

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From the Google-Earth map, it clearly shows existing route. However, I couldn’t ascertain the road conditions of the said route since prior to the airport operations, few vehicles ply this road. Info is that authorities have made road works on this road more passable to vehicles. Accordingly, local residents use this short cut to a religious-tourist attraction along the shoreline (a cave). See the marked chapel near Moog Elementary School. As advised, non-4-wheel drive cars can still use the road but with caution. CLICK THE MAP FOR LARGER VIEW


If you use this road, you will end up just near the entrance to the airport complex where taxi cabs are queuing. CLICK THE MAP FOR LARGER VIEW


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