In Cagayan de Oro, residents join city execs in historic pledge to work for good governance


Elected officials and residents of this city made history Sunday, taking an oath together to cooperate with each other in making the change they have long wanted become a reality.

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PHOTO: Residents of Cagayan de Oro raised their hands and join their elected officials in a pledge to cooperate in making good governance a reality in a city haunted by memories of the devastating flashfloods of storm ‘Sendong’ and the lack of local government response to the disaster. (Photo by Bong D. Fabe,

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  1. sylvan gerald l. sabio says:

    ordinance on truck van should be strictly implemented to decongest the traffic.

  2. Gene Eric says:

    It is economic sabotage to block your sidewalk with vendors & signages; to block the street by stopping in the middle of the street to load/unload passengers, to haphazardly park your vehicle, to obstruct the flow of commerce with vehicles that are not supposed to be in the highway, hence becoming obstructions.

    In a chaotic markeplace-like environment, how can business meet the demands of quality, logistics, trade, strategic operations, production, inventory control, etc. when the environment is chaotic. How can we become world class when the previous administrations line of thinking is still very third world?

    The face of our city is changing. There are avenues for equal opportunity. That should be explored and developed so that we do not marginalize some sectors of society.

  3. Gene Eric says:

    I see a familiar face in the photo, hello Attorney!

  4. damarre says:

    james judith…

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