In case you still don’t know, there’s an accommodation facility right inside the Westbound Terminal in Bulua this city.

Dan-Sheen Travelers Inn has seven (7) rooms and 12-hour rates at P500 for air-conditioned rooms (5 units) and P300 for non-airconditioned rooms (2 units) with a fan. The main entrance is located right beside Dunkin Donuts with all 7 rooms located at the 2nd floor.


Below is the hallway. Toilet rooms are common.

IMG_7828 IMG_7829

Below is a non-aircon room.

IMG_7831 IMG_7832

An aircon room is shown below. Note TV set is provided.

IMG_7833 IMG_7834

Dunkin Donuts right beside the stairs.


Accordingly, most patrons of Dan-Sheen are those traveling to Zamboanga or destinations with longer travel time. It does not offer the best amenities but just the same, it provides just a good place to rest with proximity to the buses.

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