Here are latest updates of previously posted construction projects in the city…No. 69.

First is the Climbs Building now on the finishing stages.

IMG_7716 IMG_7717 IMG_7735

Next is this office building along Tiano-Mabini Streets.



Construction continues for this 4-storey commercial building along Velez-Luna.


This large commercial building along Hayes Street is also nearing completion.


IMG_7773 IMG_7774 IMG_7775

In Kauswagan, this 4-storey commercial building right beside Jetti Station is now on the finishing stages.

IMG_7776 IMG_7777

Back in Divisoria, initial exterior works are already done on this old building along Capistrano-Neri Sts.

IMG_7779 IMG_7780

In Bulua Highway, work continues for this 5-storey building beside Vjandep Commissary.



Along Vamenta Boulevard in Carmen, the perspective of this 2-level commercial building is now displayed.IMG_7768 IMG_7769 IMG_7770

And finally, progress continues for this 5-storey hotel along Velez-Fernandez Sts. Actually, this is a 6-level edifice as the mezzanine is not counted as a floor as shown.

IMG_7771 IMG_7772 IMG_7772a IMG_7772b

Private construction in the city is still booming.


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