Last week I stumbled upon a website which showed a large satellite photo of Cagayan de Oro that was dated December 21, 2011.

The date of the photo was just four (4) days after Sendong (December 17, 2011). Hence, the photos below still showed the dirt brought by the tragedy. I merely cropped and zoomed on certain areas since the photo covered the whole length of the river from Baungon to Macabalan.

First photo – Cala-cala area in Macasandig. You could observe the river encroaching higher grounds to the right. Lower Balulang proper is shown at the bottom of the photo.


Second photo – Lower Balulang and Puntod Islet. You could see the river swelled to several meters inland.


Third photo – Pelaez Bridge. The pipe bridge of Rio Verde can still be seen at the bend of the river.


Fourth photo – Paseo del Rio and Macanhan.


Fifth photo – Macanhan area.


Sixth photo – Isla de Oro in the middle.


Seventh photo – Kauswagan (left), Consolacion (right) and CDO 3rd Bridge.


Eight photo – Bonbon (left), Puntod, Macabalan area (right) and river mouth.



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