RANDOM SHOTS: Atty. Leni Robredo with a Cagayanon


Got this from Atty. Leni Robredo’s facebook page. As posted, her inflight seatmate is from Cagayan de Oro but she forgot to ask his name.

So, I’m sharing this if you know the guy… and tag him if he has a facebook account.


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  1. koko says:

    he saw the pic already and even made it his profile pic yesterday hehehe.. cong.leni robredo is such a nice person..maka masa pud and maka fb 😀

  2. damarre says:

    so what’s his name?

  3. ayahna says:

    friendly jud ang people sa CDO .

  4. ulol says:

    this is ali metaldose from balulang

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