Here are latest updates of the extension of river protection dike project along Carmen side.

Shown below is the portion near Ysalina Bridge. You could see the sheet piles have been completed already and the vertical construction will follow soon.


A closer look of the photo below shows the new height of the dike at the right. This will be connected further down south.


A covered court is shown. The dike in this section was destroyed by flood waters.

IMG_6934 IMG_6935

Meanwhile, on the southern end near Acacia Street and Pelaez Bridge is this ongoing preparation for the installation of sheet piles. You could see the aggregate materials around the site. I just don’t know the exact location of the dike alignment…most probably it will just continue the dike shown above.

IMG_6939 IMG_6940 IMG_6941 IMG_6942

Below is probably the field office of the contractor (UKC).


IMG_6949IMG_6944 IMG_6945

Here’s a closer of look of some of the sheet piles onsite. The sheet piles are used as the dike’s foundation and eliminates scouring brought about by river currents.


You could see stockpiles of aggregates to be used on the construction of the dike.


Summer is nearing its end… so this project should be rushed.

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