As the city grows, migrants make Cagayan de Oro City a melting pot. Among the usual effects is the increase in student population.

City Central School located at the heart of the city along busy Don Apolinar Velez and Yacapin Streets has been home to thousands of graduates of elementary for so many years. Lots of history are told inside the school compound. However, there will come a time that the school need to expand to accommodate the rising student population who would want to enroll at the city’s largest primary government school. There were already plans to re-develop the school until in August of last year (2012), the main administration building along with several classrooms were destroyed by fire.

Shown below is the large tarpaulin installed inside the school for the new City Central School. Based on the perspective designed by Architect Cesar P. Dandan, UAP, the re-developed school will have a modern gym, a football field, swimming pool, badminton courts and a 5-storey U-shaped building around the new amenities.

IMG_6897 IMG_6898

If you’re familiar with the school you could probably recognize the parking area below is the same as it is now. The old building on the left beside the football field is the historic Gabaldon Building, which is probably the oldest school building in the city. As of now, this re-development has not begun as the priority lies on the rehabilitation of the destroyed school building.




Below are pictures of the ongoing rehabilitation of the gutted building. You could see the steel trusses have already formed the roof of the covered court.


The rehabilitation project by the city also included the construction of classrooms as indicated below.

IMG_6902 IMG_6901


This new 2-storey classroom construction

IMG_6905 IMG_6904

IMG_6906 IMG_6913 IMG_6908

IMG_6914 IMG_6916 IMG_6915

IMG_6917 IMG_6918 IMG_6919

IMG_6920 IMG_6921

IMG_6922 IMG_6923

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