This is No. 68 with new construction projects in the city. Some of the photos where taken a couple weeks ago so there might be some significant improvements now.

First is this renovation of an old building at the corner of Capistrano and Tirso Neri Streets at the heart of Divisoria. I think this 2-storey structure is one of the oldest commercial buildings in the city proper. As shown in the tarp installed, a major facelift will be undertaken and more commercial spaces to be leased.



Along Kauswagan Highway just in the vicinity of Polymedic Medical Plaza is this ongoing renovation.


Back in Divisoria, this building below along Don Apolinar Velez Street will have a vertical expansion. Scaffolding are already being installed in preparation for the construction.



Along Masterson Avenue, another building is being constructed inside SPUM Complex.


In Kauswagan (Capisnon-NHA Road), this 2-storey residential-commercial (mixed use) building is rising.


Along JR Borja Street, a new structure is rising right between Maxandrea Hotel and Pag-ibig.


In Carmen specifically beside Mt. Carmel Church near the Public Market, another 2-storey building is rising.


Also in the vicinity of Carmen Public Market is this building reconstruction.


Back in Kauswagan is this residential complex right across Scions Subdivision.




The number of commercial and residential developments continue in the city.

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