To avoid the rush on Election Day (May 13, 2013), it is important for the voter to know his/her voting precinct.

First log on to the Comelec Website ( You will see this graphic below. Click on the first option. “Find your precinct and the status of your registration.”


Then this page opens up to this PRECINCT FINDER INTRO….you could read all the text inside the box, but if you’re in a hurry, Click the top right button “Precinct Finder Form” as shown.


The Form appear. Fill in the required data and Click the “SEARCH” button at the bottom. If you’re a registered voter. Then, you’ll probably on the list.


Below is a sample output of the Record Found. In my case, my voting precinct will be 0499A at the Polling Center indicated…


It’s quite easy…AVOID THE RUSH.

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