This involves a series of photographs taken from 2003-2013 and shared by pilgrims, devotees and visitors at Divine Mercy Shrine in El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental.

Accordingly, these photographs showed some unique events, mysterious and unexplained appearances of images with religious connotations on the surrounding hills of the shrine complex. A collage of these photographs is seen at a 20-meter long tarpaulin installed at the site next to the newly-built Divine Mercy Church as shown below. The posting is related to the Philippine Apostolic Congress on Mercy (PACOM 2013) currently being held at the shrine complex.

IMG_6820 IMG_6819 IMG_6818

I will be featuring and retyping the text on each of the image in case the letters are too small for you to read.

DANCING SUN: April 7, 2013 Feast Day of the Divine Mercy during the Dawn Mass. Over 15,000 devotees witness the dancing sun.


EVE OF THE FEAST OF THE DIVINE MERCY. 6:00 PM, April 6, 2013 during the Holy Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Bonaventure Ma. Valles, FDM.


THE EYES OF THE DIVINE MERCY STATUE. Photo by Jaycee Jaque. (taken April 15, 2012)


Below is a clearer image of the photo by Jaycee Jaque (from Facebook) which clearly shows the eyes looking down (or perhaps closed.


As a comparison, below is a photo I took yesterday.


THE TWO BIRDS (HOLY SPIRIT). photo by Norestela Masayo.


RAINBOW. A rare photo, with a spectrum (rainbow) illuminating the halo of the 50 foot Divine Mercy Statue, taken during the Feast of the Divine Mercy last April 15, 2012. photo by Nelson Chiong Baguio [I already posted this photo before – LINK]


THE CROWN. Taken by a pilgrim from Cotabato during the consecration of Monsignor Elmer Abacahin on April 30, 2011 Afternoon Mass, Eve of the Divine Mercy Feast Day.


DANCING SUN 2009. During the dawn Mass celebrating the Feast of the Divine Mercy (April 19, 2009)


THREE GROUPS OF VERTICAL LINE OF STARS AT THE HEAD OF THE DIVINE MERCY STATUE. Taken from DVM Delegates of San Fernando Rey Parish, San Fernando, Bukidnon. photo by Mr/Mrs Raul A. Guiruela, September 7, 2008 at 1:44AM.


THE CHALICE. Aloha B. De Torres, from Alubijid, Misamis Oriental, a balikbayan nurse from Saudi Arabia, visited the Divine Mercy Hills on September 30, 2007, a week before she returns to Saudi Arabia. After attending the 3:00 PM Holy Mass, she had her pictures taken at the second level with the setting sun as the background. The sun rays form a pattern of circular rays (host) around a Chalice, symbolic of the Holy Eucharist.


THE HOLY TRINITY. August 30, 2007 around 5:30 am on that same day of the “Burning Bush” another miracle took place witnessed by many. “The Miracle of the Dancing Sun”. Mr. Henry Abcede, a pilgrim from abroad took a picture using his cellphone after taking the shot he noticed two other round shining objects smaller than that of the sun.


THE TWO RAYS. April 15, 2007 –  a balikbayan from London who attended the Feast of the Divine Mercy at the Divine Mercy Hills took this picture during the Dawn Mass around 5:48 am. This miracle was witnessed by 5,000 pilgrims. The Divine Mercy Hills is enveloped by rays from the East and from the West lasted for a few minutes. The rays from the East looked like the Sacred Heart rays signifying the Love of Jesus and the rays from the West looked like the Divine Mercy rays that came out from His heart signify the mercy of God. The love and mercy of the Lord was felt during the solemn feast day celebration. Truly, God is present at the Divine Mercy Hills. It is worthy to note that the Divine Mercy devotion in Cagayan de Oro was started by a small group of Sacred Heart devotees.


ANGELS DURING THE PROCESSION. Apirl 15, 2007. Feast of the Divine Mercy (Mercy Sunday) dawn procession. Only these pictures came out as such, the rest were plain and clear. However, during the prayer meetings of the Divine Mercy Intercessory after the feast day, some visionaries have received a message explaining that the round objects were in the pictures were in fact angels during the procession.


THE BURNING BUSH. On August 29, 2007 to pray for a good weather in preparation to the Solemnity of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, after the vigil in the morning of the Divine Mercy Intercessory Group witnessed this miracle which they call as “The Burning Bush” because the sky really looked like it was on fire.


THE STAR OF DAVID. This was taken on August 25, 2004 at around 1:00 PM by Mr. Mike Dial, a balikbayan from Sacramento, California. Mike saw the flash of light like a bright morning star moving around the vicinity of the Divine Mercy Hills. It stopped above the spot where the Divine Mercy Statue is now standing. It was revealed in a vision that the bright morning star is the one protecting the place which is a holy ground.


THE FIRST TIME THE DANCING SUN. On April 2003 – Good Friday while the Divine Mercy devotees/Oasis of Love Community had their Stations of the Cross in Divine Mercy Hills. Several times the dancing sun appeared especially during the celebration of the Feast of Mercy and the birthday of the Blessed Virgin. It is one spectacular sight that the pilgrims love to watch and even expect it to happen again.


And finally, below is a screenshot of an unedited video (cellphone by Bryan Soria) which shows the combined image of the sacred heart of Jesus, Christ the King and Divine Mercy…based on the pic, the video was taken April 7, 2013.


Expert photographers could have a say on some of these photos as mere photographic effects. Skeptics too abound but surely, religious devotion and trust in the Lord is what dictates the pilgrims and devotees in sharing these images.

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