As the number of pilgrims and devotees grow every year, developments continue within and around the Divine Mercy Shrine Complex in Ulaliman, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental.

Shown below is another project set to begin right next the the main entrance of the Shrine. The proposed St. Ignatius Hospice Foundation Inc. will house Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel, St. Peregrine Cancer Patients Center, and an Administration Building.


IMG_6882bIMG_6882g IMG_6882f IMG_6882e IMG_6882d IMG_6882c

Meanwhile, the front entrance of the Divine Mercy Shrine now has a beautiful gate.

IMG_6886 IMG_6885 IMG_6884 IMG_6883

Below is the Site Development Plan for the Shrine Complex. The Main Entrance is at lower right.

IMG_6857a IMG_6857

Some photos of the Divine Mercy Statue.



A large tarp showing the rendering of the almost done Divine Mercy Church.


The Divine Mercy Church is almost done except for minor work on the basement. Masses are already being held at the church. Photos were taken during the 2nd Philippine Apostolic Congress on Mercy (PACOM 2013) where more than a thousand delegates from all over the country converged at the shrine. You could see the unique “crown of thorn” design on the sides of the church.

IMG_6798 IMG_6795

IMG_6800 IMG_6831

IMG_6825 IMG_6824 IMG_6823 IMG_6822 IMG_6821

New pavements are being installed within the shrine complex.

IMG_6827 IMG_6826

Below are the guidelines that apply when going up to the “Heart of Jesus”.


The Field Altar Ground is being prepared for the night activity related to PACOM 2013.

IMG_6839 IMG_6838 IMG_6837 IMG_6836

The stage is almost ready.



IMG_6843 IMG_6842 IMG_6841

Here’s a closer shot of the statue.

IMG_6847a IMG_6847

Shown below is the back gate.


Some of the refreshments and souvenir items onsite.

IMG_6880 IMG_6879



If you’re going to the shrine complex, be sure to bring with you empty plastic containers to be filled with water from the complex believed to be miraculous.



A view of the souvenir shops near the parking lot.


Some of the participants pf PACOM 2013 had uniforms to identify themselves.

IMG_6850 IMG_6848

IMG_6869 IMG_6868 IMG_6867 IMG_6866 IMG_6863 IMG_6862

The parking lot is almost full – even on a hot day.

IMG_6861 IMG_6860 IMG_6859

This is the back entrance of the complex where most shops are located.


And finally, it is important to comply with the Dress Code.


In the past few years, the Divine Mercy Shrine Complex has become a popular religious destination in the country and one of the must-see places for tourists.

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