Daltan’s Kambingan, the only 24-hour Kambingan Store in the city located along Cruz Taal near Capistrano Street opened late last year offering Cagayanons its own style of cooking a variety of goat dish.

With several ads and tarpaulins posted around the city, its prime location at the city proper has so far attracted several customers who love the following dish:

  • Adobong Kambing
  • Papaitan na Kambing
  • Kilawin na Kambing
  • Kalderitang Kambing
  • Bulalo
  • Tinola Bisaya Manok
  • Sinigang na Kambing
  • Siki

With patrons increasing in the months the followed after the opening, Daltan’s Kambingan decided to improve its store to better serve its customers as shown below with a new tiled floor, a large presentable counter and a menu of its goat dishes.The store has also free Wi-Fi for its customers.

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You might want to try Daltan’s Kambingan….Most dishes are priced at P70.

photos by Dianne Salise Nandong

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