PROJECT WATCH: Other construction updates 67

Here are updates of previously posted building projects in Cagayan de Oro City…No. 67.

First is the continuing construction of this new 3-storey hotel along Corrales Avenue. As shown, the rebars are still going up in the background.


Next is this 3-storey apartment-pad in Kauswagan along 3rd Bridge Access Road near Villa Vicente which has taken shape already.


The new building of Quality Appliance along JR Borja Street is now rising.


Foundation works have been completed and vertical construction is now ongoing for this new building at the former Tiano ancestral house. Owned by Cebu CFI Community Cooperative, the building will have 5 floors.

_MG_6344 _MG_6343

Meanwhile, re-construction of the Faith Baptist Church along Capt. Vicente Roa Street below is nearing completion. It was destroyed by fire a few years back.

_MG_6342 _MG_6341

Construction of this new boutique hotel along Fernandez and Velez Street is now on the 5th floor.


This building below along Macapagal Drive near The Courtyards in uptown area is now finishing its roof deck.


Vertical construction also continues for this commercial building along Vamenta Boulevard.


Construction of this large warehouse complex near NHA Kauswagan is still in progress.

IMG_6083 IMG_6084 IMG_6085 IMG_6086 IMG_6087


And finally, just across is another warehouse development of Gaisano. As shown the main skeletal structures are done already.

IMG_6088 IMG_6089

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  1. mr Big C says:

    silingan taga NHA hehe

  2. Mar 27,2013
    I would like to bring to your attention for any possible action on what I perceive to be a possible another Sending 2 ,that is on the making. I am a civil engineer from Butuan City and i often come and visit your very progressive city. In engineering, we have this principle ‘ in every directional force there is an equal and opposite re-actional force.” . So true to the city progress , such that we sometimes overlooked the adverse effect of it at the expense of the citizenry, call it the prize of progress.
    We have experienced the devastation wrought about by thypoon Sendong lives and properties were lost and that’s the prize of progress. These can be prevented if proper planning, design and construction be followed and not tainted with Greed, Money and Power .
    One observation i would like to bring out is the construction activities going on at the river banks at the foot of Cagayan de Oro bridge ( Ysalina Bridge?)
    1) I wonder how the engineering department of the City government got the idea of constructing a dike way into the river side. When that bridge was constructed way years ago and i presume before the war, design and construction engineers have already in mind to construct its bridge approaches several meters in-land. Bridge are constructed in segment or bays with end bays several meters in-land . This is to anticipate the projected water volume that will flow thru it in the future And as the need arises, they can still widen the water way, or dredge the center without necessarily disturbing the foundation of the center columns.
    2) With the experience we had with Sendong , the big volume of flood waters flowing added to it the rising of sea tide and other factors such as unusual volume of rain water , large watershed area, voluminous water flowed thru that bridge.
    3) NOW>>>>WHAT IS HAPPENING…it is the reverse. At the City Hall side they constructed a building and further move its bank towards the river side and the same is true ,on the Carmen side they are constructing a dike way- way towards the river side. Now look, practically the city has reclaimed one bay on both side thereby reducing the effective river bed width. Why is this so? Just to have or gain a few reclaimed square meters . Added to this is the shallowing of the river bed and the need to be dredge. Remember this is the ONLY ( again… the ONLY) outlet of the whole Cagayan River.
    4) Possible scenario should another super typhoon comes in. Large volume of floodwaters from the wide area watershed( including that of Bukidnon side) flows into the Cagayan river, Upon reaching the city at the bridge, floodwaters slows down because its CONSTRICTED . As the principle says” water seeks it own level” so it start overflowing its bank into the Carmen area, the Nazareth, Balulang, and the rest .I don’t know those places.. And these are flush flood waters carrying debris. At the bridge portion, only a portion of the impound waters flow thru it until it reaches to a point that it will blow off the Ysalina bridge. The effect ? well…they have experienced the Sendong and I need not have to expound further….i leave that to your imagination the devastation that will happen.
    5) What are they doing? How about their engineers? Even a non technical man can see the possible effect in the present on going construction . In the medical parlance we know about the effect of cholesterol to our bodies. The building up of cholesterols in our veins and if not checked, man dies and close his mouth, . This is also true in the technical parlance, we see the building up “cholesterols” at the foot of the bridge, only this time nobody opens up his mouth. The city officials, city council, city engineers closed their moth But should SENDONG 2 ever happen (God forbids), thousands of mouths will be permanently close , this is because of the neglect of its officials.

    I made this contribution as a concern citizen. My cousin was a victim of Sendong, Her body was never found. May she rest in peace.

    As for me, its better to light a candle than to curse the darkness

  3. bayabas says:

    totoo yan… suggestion : lahat ng island sa cagayan river ay dapat


    Why ?……..upang ang flow of water ay tuloy-tuloy……

    ……….hukayin o laliman ang ilog upang kayang saluin ang malaking

    volume ng tubig…..

    ………. Tama si engr. iba na ang panahon ngayon . Halos lahat ng

    bansa ay nakatikim ng extreme flood……..

    ………..river dike ay dapat madaliin (24/7 ) kung maaari …….Why ?

    ……….every year na ang extreme flood……2011 and 2012 ………

    ……..Lahat ng river sa CdeO ay dapat bigyan pansin….Why ?

    ……..baka ang mga investors natin ay madismaya dahil sa sunod –

    sunod ang baha dito….

    ………..Eng’r. salamat at sana ay makarating ito kay LORD JESUS

    upang matugunan agad……

    ………..Mayor , a good steward…………….!………..?………..!


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