The photos below show a very large area somewhere in El Salvador City near Alubijid town undergoing site development.

It was Easter Sunday and I just couldn’t find any workers onsite. Judging from the photos, activities undertaken include earthfilling, site leveling and perimeter fence construction.


You could observe the huge mounds of soil seen onsite. These will be subject to be spread over the area estimated to be at least 5 hectares in my opinion.

IMG_6193 IMG_6194

Below are some of the hollow blocks for the perimeter fence.


This is just along the highway, a few hundred meters from Monark (Caterpillar).

IMG_6196 IMG_6197


There’s a huge delivery van of “Sisters” onsite.

IMG_6192IMG_6198 IMG_6199 IMG_6200 IMG_6201 IMG_6204

This development could be an industrial investment. We’ll be monitoring this.

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