There’s a huge site clearing now underway at the corner lot near the junction of RER Subdivision at Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro City.

Considered as a prime lot for many years, this riverside property comprises approximately 2,200 sq.m. (based on Google Earth). Across the site is La Castilla Museum of the Pelaez Family. The demolition of the walls enclosing the lot further exposed its huge commercial viability.


IMG_5136 IMG_5135


As shown, a back hoe by UKC is seen continuing the removal of the hollow block wall now at the eastern boundary of the lot.


IMG_5141a IMG_5141

Along with the heavy equipment are 2 personnel of UKC-0wned Techno-Stress Systems Corp.


IMG_5143a IMG_5143   IMG_5139 IMG_5138

There were previous rumors on this site but not until we can further gather enough info to validate it.

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