Limketkai’s first hotel venture is now slowly moving into the final stages.

This “high-rise” worker is shown doing some finishing touches on the glass panel.

IMG_4858 IMG_4859 IMG_4860

Here’s a closer look… safety harness in place.

IMG_4861 IMG_4861a

Meanwhile, more workers are seen at the top floor.


Closer look indicates they’re preparing for some drilling works… perhaps screwing some of the panels.



On the other side is the express elevator… one worker is seen waiting on the lift.


I googled SCM which is seen on the lift and found that it stands for Sichuan Construction Machinery (Group) Co.,Ltd., a firm based in mainland China specializing in tower cranes, hoists, lifts and construction elevator. Accordingly, it is the number 1 provider of tower cranes in China. More info HERE.

IMG_4869a IMG_4869b

A couple more photos below.

IMG_4871 IMG_4872

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