Agora Market Complex today is very much different than the old public market many years ago.

Now called “Market City”, it is now operated by Hong See-owned Mega Integrated Corp. group, which also owns the Ororama chain of stores. The biggest single occupant in the complex is SM Savemore followed by the owner’s TLP. Popular fastfood chains like Jollibee and Mang Inasal also have stores inside as well as several drug stores, snack bars, convenient shops and other diners. Of course, Market City also has the most convenient public market today with wide hallways and a well-lighted indoor atmosphere.

Beside the market is the modern bus terminal for buses bound as far as General Santos in the south and Surigao in the east. There’s also an budget inn beside the terminal for those who would spend the night at the terminal.

photo by Vincent Tom Udasco

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