In the early 1990’s, Hector “Hecky” Tabuena put up Cagayan de Oro Lechon together with some of his cousins. The company was the first in the country to use lechon ovens full time. Cagayan de Oro Lechon catered only made-to-order and whole order deliveries. It closed shop  in October 2004 when Tabuena passed away.

In October 2005, Tabuena’s children—Patrick Ian, Catherine Therese and Maria Carla—and Catherine’s husband, Dijamco, decided to open Hecky’s Lechon under the company Hectagold Food Enterprise Co. (which was recently changed to Hectagold Food Enterprise Corp.), in honor of their late father and formulated a new recipe and improved techniques to come up with “lechon Cebu-style.”

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