Here are the latest construction updates at Limketkai Complex taken December 14, 2012.

First is the old Plaza Fair area now being transformed into a rumored high end department store.

Inside the mall, various renovations are underway such as the area near Jesi Mendez Salon and a pet shop as shown below.

Meanwhile, across the Camella Condo site, Limketkai’s “construct and demolish” system is at it again. They are now removing the hump and placing special pavements for the pedestrian crossing. They are doing away with the painting since it usually wears off.

Shown below is the road to JR Borja Extension which is still under expropriation.

The expansion of the skybridge to the hotel has now steel braces for the roofing.

Large polyethylene tanks are now placed in sight, this is for the rain catchment system which is one of the reasons why the hotel garnered the US Green Building Council certificate in the Philippines.

The core of the hotel is now taking shape. This core below usually houses the elevator, and in other buildings, the fire shelter.

Finally, the entrance to the 19-story building is taking shape.

photos and text by nooboon

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