A little over an hour after Bopha headed to Visayas, the typhoon did not pass without leaving behind significant rainfall in the headwaters of Cagayan de Oro River.

True enough, the rain in the city has been reduced to some drizzle but Typhoon Pablo’s tail end poured more rain draining into the river’s main tributaries Bubunawan, Tumalaong, Batang and Bulanog Rivers. Logically, evidenced will drain towards the downstream and as shown, again, the river swelled. Below shows Ysalina Bridge with the water level just below the bridge’s concrete piers.

A look of Nazareth area…

A view of undeveloped Macasandig riverside.

Similar to Sendong but not as devastating, the river breached the city hall’s perimeter.

The swollen river carried runoffs with mud towards the bay.

As usual, the onlookers at Kagay-an Bridge…

Paseo del Rio but this time, even the two condemned parking floors where less affected. A section of the fence though collapsed due to the strong winds. Debris are carried by river currents as shown.

Overall, the early warning, voluntary evacuation and even the forced evacuation resulted to less property damage.

with facebook photos by jed lasmarias, kagayanon.com, titus velez, fred ortiz, spongerob bana, peter pedro parker

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