The availability of online sources for information about Typhoon Pablo has made it easier for many residents to monitor the storm’s track as well as its strength.

The Department of Science and Technology’s Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards (NOAH) program is equally informative.

In DOST-NOAH’s online resource, you can get this map below… clicking on Rain Gauges on one of the selections under WEATHER STATIONS, it shows the monitoring stations where there are rain gauges – that is monitoring how much rain has fallen… As shown below, there are five (5) rain gauges in the area: (from left) Pigsag-an, San Simon Bridge (Iponan R.), Carmen Bridge (Cagayan R.), Kinawe, Libona and Baungon.

Clicking on one of the pins will show how much rain has fallen on said station. Below shows Baungon – well, it hasn’t rained for the past 24 hours.

Other parameters monitored include stream level, temperature, humidity, pressure, etc… just browse over the selections. There isn’t much data you can see now but I expect figures to reflect as Pablo makes landfall on Tuesday.

click the website:

DOST Nationwide Operational Assessment of Hazards

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