CENTRIO MALL GUIDE – Map and Tenants List as of November 21, 2012

Two weeks since its opening, a lot more shops have so far opened at Centrio Mall, Ayala Land’s first mall in Cagayan de Oro City.

Here’s a guide (floor by floor) as to their location within the mall and some list of tenants. For first timers, escalators are found on the three (3) corners of the mall for accessibility to the upper floors. Restrooms are likewise found in three (3) locations as indicated in the map. I will be updating the list from time to time as more shops are still expected to open in the coming weeks. In the list, the shops in RED FONT have yet to open.




Perhaps you could also share if you have some information on soon to open shops. Thank you and happy shopping.

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  1. Rigor says:


    THANKS CDODEV!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Lombok chief says:

    Tenant mix not so high end. Mura lang ug sm unlike acc ug abreeza

  3. wax says:

    ABREEZA? . .the place na walang tao? . .parang haunted building . .

    • Lombokchief says:

      Nagpaila ra jud ka nga bakya mall ra imong naandan mao crowded malls ra ka hantod. The higher class malls dili jud nimo ma expect na daghan tawo sama sa rockwell, greenbelt, siam paragon, pavilion kl, marina bay sands.. Ikaw hantod ketkai ra man gud ka

  4. wax says:

    kaya nga walang tao  . .jasi . . ypu know. . walang purchasing power!

  5. tugak says:

    Susmaryosep.. Abi nako home of fashion.. kadaghan tao gyud niadto dira pero wala man namalit…nagpabugnaw lang ug para maingon na “in” gyud.  Wa man sad purchasing power ang mga nangadto… 

  6. Roy says:

    DAGHAN mga RICH sa CDO nuh…. TRY to look gali og tarung sa mga SHOPs sa CEnTRIO… daghan GAPALIT…yesterday friday i was there…nagbrowse ko..and then daghhan ga buy og mga mahalun na gamit, likes shoes alberto, shirts, havainas, slipers, crocs and many branded gamit..
    And OF corz ang mga RESTAURANT daghan jud ga.eat…

  7. Paul Smith says:

    Gamay lang ang CDO pero naa na sa amo halos tanan ang yes people here have the purchasing power. Why would Starbucks, Rustan’s, J.Co, Marks&Spencer, BMW, Subaru, etc.. etc.. put up their first stores in Mindanao here? We also have 2 CBTL here. And the expensive restaurants are proof that people here can afford fine dinining. Btw, people here gargle Perrier in the morning, we know who Raf Simons is, and people here look like celebrities. And we’re very friendly. Yay. 

  8. oist... says:

    hmmmn. tama man pud why would they invest here kung walay purchasing power…. by the way nag hiring napud ang kenny rogers for cdo team for limketkai…. it’s good that they are reopening again here… kasi before nawala sila pag renovate sah ketkai… tsk tsk tsk…

  9. oist... says:

    what i likie centrio is that…. starbucks tapad rah sah j.co very nice and the bulgogi brothers atbang rah sah t.g.i fridays….. naa pai army navy….

  10. Roy says:

    KITKAI is BIG… Kahit 2nd Floor Lang na taman… you can still see how big it is… and considering ang mga SOCIALAN and MAHALUN na restaurant outside Kitkai (ROSARIO STRIP) na murag GREENBELT mall of AYALA MAKATI.
    Take note DAKO bya ang ATRIUM sa Kitkai…where big celebrity events happend…which can accomodate 3,000 na tao just inside ATRIUM KITKAI

  11. Roy says:

    Kahit MAHAL naa jud MUPALIT…
    Kahit MAHAL na RESTAURANT.. naa jud Mukaon…
    Like ROSARIO STRIP KITKAI sa mga restaurant daghan kayo gaeat kahit pa ordinary days..samut na kung fridays saturday and sundays

  12. limsky says:

    ha? kaadto na diay ka sa centrio? so isa na ka sa mga  nagpabugnaw didto.

  13. limsky says:

    lol kamo ra sigig yaw-yaw diri na wala man unta mo labot diri

  14. bn says:

    @Lombokchief– sayon rmn na xa.. kung dli high end.. dli ka m.nha ky mrag sosyal rmn kau kahh,, lol.. ana ra k. simple

  15. Hey li! says:

    i drink to that ;)

  16. andrea says:

    Cotton on is so expensive.. sa mrgamall  wala jud kaayo tao.  cotton on just launched last  sept or oct.  opening sa megamall naay   british dj ga play…gwapio 

  17. nganga says:

    I LOVE CdeO!!

    A city in bloom, blossom and in boom

    Golden city of Friendship……………

    GO CdeO!!!!!!!!!!!

    Viva!!! Mabuhay!!!

  18. Dianasor says:

    I seem to have forgotten the shop that offers printing and craft services on this mall. I do believe it is on store number 3056. Can somebody please help me in remembering it?

  19. mrbigc says:

    Krispy kreme plans to put in centrio mall, finally forgot it

  20. Kurt says:

    @Andrea: I beg to disagree. Australian fashion brand Cotton On is generally affordable. In fact I just bought a pair of shoes worth 1,000 and shirts for my wife at P500/piece. Iya price point mura lang ug Bench

  21. Lokomo loves RERVillager Team says:

    yes very true and romantic

    • nganga says:

      organized???? well-managed??? kalimtan na lang nato ang mga walay pulos na driver sa rela…og ang trapik??? mayra sa sugod ang mayor…hugaw ang city

  22. Peter says:

    I wish there were Android / iPhone Centrio Mall Guide Apps that we could download. Should be easy to do.

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