here latest developments of the river protection project along Cagayan de Oro River.

As shown, there is now heavy equipment on the Macasandig side near Paseo del Rio and Kagay-an Bridge. I think the plan is to connect the existing dike…perhaps elevate it higher and connect to the existing retaining wall at the back of St. Augustine Cathedral.

Meanwhile, work on the Carmen side is ongoing and in revealed more progress than the one in Macasandig. As shown, sheet piles have been placed along the riverbank. This set up will mitigate possible scouring and erosion along the riverbank. After the sheet piles will be the concrete dike which will reclaim the area behind the piles and perhaps they should make it higher. This dike will also connect the existing dike (destroyed during Sendong) along Acacia Street and the one along Commission on Audit office.

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