J.CO Donuts and Coffee, a popular Indonesia-based cafe retailer and one of the fastest growing donut & coffee chain in South-East Asia, is set to open its  first branch outside Luzon specifically at Centrio Mall in Cagayan de Oro City.

J.CO offers a wide array of unique beverage concoctions. It has been known that coffee is the donut’s perfect companion.

For coffee-lovers, indulge in Jcoccino, cappuccino J.CO style, an Italian espresso and milk topped with foam; the Cappuccino Avocado is freshly-made espresso with creamy avocado flavor. Café Avocado is a lighter coffee-avocado alternative with just a hint of coffee boosted by accents of avocado flavor and chocolate syrup.

For the non-coffee drinkers there are the Iced Thai Tea, which is a milk tea blend made from brewed tea extracts and sweetened milk. The Green Tea Frappe is made from Japanese Matcha green tea, blended with ice and milk. The Strawberry Yogurt Frappe is blended frappe that uses J.CO’s own yogurt base. Only the freshest strawberries go into this drink for a refreshingly cool, tart, and sweet beverage. The Mixberry Yogurt Frappe is a sweet and tangy mix that delights your taste buds.

And for the yogurt lovers there is J. Cool, a healthy frozen yogurt mix of the right tartness that is naturally found in yogurt. The J.Cool Twist is a sundae-like mix of layers of guilt-free yogurt, fruits, and nuts.

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photo by kagay

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