Have you ever thought what tourism boom is? Well, just look at these recent photos of Forest Park in Dahilayan, Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon, just an hour drive from Cagayan de Oro City and feel the atmosphere of a booming tourism industry in the region.

First set of photos show the picnic grounds under the shady pine trees. Reminds you of Baguio? This is now the new Baguio for me…just near, cheap for travel, and lots of fun and adventure for the entire family. Marvel at the life-size fiberglass replicas of different animals… and they’re scattered all over the park.

Photos below show the playground, kids, teens and even oldies would like to have their photos taken here. Do you see the excitement on their faces?


Right beside the playground is the Treetop Adventure which is good for the kids…

The Zorbit is also one of the favorite amenities of Forest Park.

Across the landscape is the very visible and now famous landmark FOREST PARK.

You could see the Forest Luge route on the hillside. The bungee bounce is at the foreground.

Here’s another view of the pine trees which define Forest Park.

Here’s another shot of the playground taken from the bridge.

Below are more accommodations at the Park. There were many foreigners onsite, Koreans, Chinese, Americans and Europeans…truly a tourist haven.

A closer look of the Forest Luge station…

A look of the bridge…the Zorbit passes underneath it.

Some Forest Luge riders captured on cam.

A closer look of the Bungee Bounce…remember the movie, Forever and a Day?


The place is teeming with excitement and tourists… they came in droves, convoys and schoolbuses. They came from all parts of Mindanao – Zamboanga, Marawi, Butuan, Surigao, Pagadian, Davao, General Santos…in addition to Tagalog-speaking guests who are obviously from Luzon.

Tourists enjoy the cool and refreshing unpolluted air, far the from the dusty smoke-filled airborne emissions of urban life.

A view of Forest Café from below.

Below are photos of the pond…




The edge of the picnic grounds allows a magnificent view of the pond.

Photos below show the Forest Park’s main entrance last weekend.

Visitors lining up to pay the entrance fee (P50).

Photos below show the Forest Café…see the tourism boom? It looks like a convention…a convention of tourists…

Below is another walkway to the picnic grounds.

The pond full of Koi…

See the need for more parking areas?




The development of Forest Park is still ongoing…more amenities are planned as of this post.

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