Just beside Forest Park is Dahilayan Adventure Park…lately, they’ve renamed it to Dahilayan Eco-Adventure Park.

While, Forest Park caters to the whole family, Dahilayan Eco-Adventure Park is more suited for thrill seekers. It is the home of ZipZone, where the country’s longest dual zipline (840 meters) is located. Park personnel say they average about 500 riders daily on ordinary weekends and 800 riders daily on long weekends with holidays. They anticipate much more increase this Christmas season and summer next year.

Photo below show the landing pad of the 840-meter zipline.

A view of the edge of Forest Park from the waiting area.

“Riders” take their turns in getting their souvenir photos and certificates.

NOTICE: A camera is a must at Dahilayan.

Most crews are trained to take photos.

A shot of the launching pad 840 meters away…note 2 riders already on their way.

Pine Grove Mountain Lodge…is full for the weekend.

Again, adventure and tourism boom in Northern Mindanao with Dahilayan at the forefront. 95% of the visitors have Cagayan de Oro as their base.

Another view of the landscape…more plans are underway for future development.

The ropes course…

DropZone…the newest adventure.

Another view of the Park’s cool pine forest.

These newly planted pine trees are at least 8 feet high. The Park’s proximity to Kitanglad Range, a natural rainforest, makes it conducive for the trees to grow.

Safety at DropZone is not compromised….

A wind vane checks the wind speed at Drop Zone.

A tandem preparing for the sky swing…

Some info on Drop Zone… say a prayer! or at least make your last tweet or last post on facebook.

Not far from Drop Zone is the soon to be launched Canopy Glider, a bike on cable…shown being tested with Engr. Elpie Paras in attendance. Accordingly, there will be seven (7) bikes of this kind… which will move across the pine trees using your legs.

They’re still fixing some of the route of this glider.

A view of the pine forest at Dahilayan Eco-Adventure Park…

And here’s some good info… plans for a roller coaster around the park is already underway…. maybe they’ll call it the “caterpillar”…

After some adrenaline rush at Dahilayan Eco-Adventure Park, you can just transfer at adjacent Forest Park for some cool refreshing siesta with your family.

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