Experience a new adventure as Centrio Mall officially opens on November 9, 2012.

The mall’s shops are so arranged by zone and affordability. Here are the floor plans of the 3-level mall.

GROUND FLOOR – fastfood chain, affordable retail and Rustan’s Fresh

At the ground floor, upscale dining surround the Centrio Garden as shown below.

More retail shops at the southeast corner of the ground floor.

The Activity Center is at the middle part of the mall just south of the Centrio Garden. Popular celebrities from Manila will reportedly grace the opening.

The northeast section of the ground floor will feature various retail shops.

Notice the large Junior Anchor space on ther circular corner sandwiched by two large food retail outlets most likely popular fastfood chains. To the right is the entrance to Rustan’s Fresh, the mall’s anchor supermarket store and the first in Mindanao.

SECOND FLOOR – more retail shops and fastfood and Anchor Store (Robinsons)

Some fastfood and affordable dining around the overlooking the Garden area. Note Anchor Store (Robinsons) entrance which is expected to open in January or February 2013.

More retail shops on the second floor. Note the large “X” marking indicates open area where one can see the ground floor.

You probably notice the restrooms are located in the middle part of the mall.

THIRD FLOOR – cinemas, retail, home/wellness and restobars.

Clearly, restobars occupy the spaces overlooking ther Garden. Cagayanons love to party….

The cinema area is clearly on the left… three (200-seating capacity) and one (300 capacity) digital theaters. Some food outlets also in the vicinity of the cinemas.

South of the cinemas are home/wellness shops.

…and some more retail shops.

…and more retail shops…. accordingly, some 80% of the mall tenants will open on November 9.

original floor plans taken from http://www.trulywealthyrealty.com

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