Here are fresh photo updates of construction works within the 30-hectare Limketkai Commercial Complex beginning with yet another building construction behind the billboard area for the LKK cinemas. There were previous rumors that a drive-through fastfood chain will be built in the said site.

Right beside it is a large parking area but is temporarily unavailable for parking as onsite works are still ongoing. Photo below shows large polyethylene tanks are placed onsite possibly for welding works.

Across the said site is the 19 storey Limketkai hotel building where elevators are already installed and the entrance canopy is starting to take shape.

Right at the back is the bridge linking LKK hotel and the mall where steel braces for the roof is now being installed. This is more likely an extension of the mall’s North Wing and skybridge.

Some update of the 2-storey building at the back of Starbucks… the second floor of this building is connected to the East Wing of the mall where access stairs are observed.


Meanwhile, the elevated walkway to the parking lot in front of Robinsons is now concreted. Soon, covered canopy will be installed as all buildings within the complex are planned to be connected with these walk bridges.

Across the East Wing is the under construction hypermart building where the roofing is now in place.

Below are scanned copies of the floor plans of the said hypermart building. You could see the carpark building and proposed underpass.

Meanwhile, new shops are set to open in a few months beside the LTO office.

…while the South Promenade is re-opened with new shops.

The former Plaza Fair is also being worked on…

The 2nd floor at south entrance is now almost done.

We now go inside where the serpentine designs on the ceiling are now visible with the skinning of the aluminium cladding.

Finally, the elevators for the 33-storey Gateway Tower has taken shape (middle of the picture).

photos and text by nooboon with pictures of the hypermart floor plan by taegon

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