The long awaited re-concreting of Corrales Avenue along Centrio Mall is now underway.

As shown, the main drainage lines are currently being constructed.

A section of the road has already been concreted as shown below. The new road pavement is now at level with the new paved curb along the mall.

Actually, this section is already concrete but badly needs improvement due to lack of drainage system with a significant road level flaw near the mall which has resulted to flooding during heavy rains.

The size of the drainage canals are the same with the recently completed drainage system along CM Recto Avenue.

This section across Cagayan de Oro Water District is still being surveyed and will soon be paved. Accordingly, the work is targetted for completion during or after the holidays or just before the scheduled opening of the mall.

Meanwhile, because of the concreting project, the city’s Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) had started implementing the new traffic scheme along the major roads around Centrio Mall which is scheduled to open on November 9, 2012. Under the new scheme as shown below and as witnessed yesterday, Corrales Avenue is now a one-way northbound road from A. Luna to CM Recto Avenue. Southbound motorelas (Cogon and Divisoria) are not allowed anymore to use Corrales Avenue but instead are diverted to Gaabucayan and then Osmeña Extension southbound to Osmeña Street before turning right along Agudo Road and turning left along Capt. Vicente Roa, which is now also a one-way street from CM Recto to A. Luna. Click the image for larger view.

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