RANDOM SHOTS: CM Recto Avenue on an October weekend

Here are recent photos of CM Recto Avenue, probably Cagayan de Oro City’s busiest thoroughfare taken on weekend atop Limketkai-MUST overpass.

Photos above and below show CM Recto Avenue looking west. As noticed, traffic builds up as westbound vehicles approach the first intersection at Osmeña Junction. Notice Tune Hotel rising on the left of the picture. I couldn;t imagine in a few years time once SM builds their own downtown mall in the same area.

Photo below shows the stretch from Osmeña Junction up to Capt. Vicente Roa junction (Centrio Mall). You could notice the two cement mixers at Centrio Mall.

To the right is Gaisano City Mall. Expect tempers to rise once Ayala opens in a few weeks. The City’s traffic administrators (RTA) should have finalized the re-routing scheme by now.

Closer look at the 6-lane CM Recto Avenue. Licoan flyover is in the background.

Below is CM Recto Avenue looking east toward Lapasan. Traffic tends to ease up at Limketkai Avenue Junction.

CM Recto Avenue is also called billboard avenue for some… obviously.

The first traffic build up starts at Agora Road Junction. In the horizon is already Lapasan Highway. Traffic for city-bound vehicles will be slow-moving upon approaching the said junction while outbound vehicles speed up.

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  1. Jsph says:

    Mini Edsa 🙂 Daghan kay’g Billboard. yet CDO is booming and booming till the end 🙂

  2. cdo624 says:

    .. i miss cdeO.. 🙂

  3. mark says:

    Billboards are never a good sign. They destroy our cities and bring harm when typhoons happen. 

  4. duwang_tamomoy says:

    gusto ka mawad.an og income si sendongkoy? este ang cagayan de oro. sayang bya pud and tax ana.

  5. peter says:

    wow!! traffic is a sign of progress… Can you also provide us more pictures taken from gaisano overpass perspective.. nice camera telephoto lens you’ve got there… optical zoom or digital zoom??

  6. pauldgreat says:

    Usa ra ako ikasulti … gu’bot kaayo!

  7. moymoy says:

    Gubot gyud…. this problem should be the priority Of the next mayor! 

  8. Gene Eric says:

    @Damarre, the T-crane that built Primavera is dismantled.  I tought they will build the 2nd tower.  And there’s a Pizza outlet opening in the ground floor. 

  9. Travieso Filipino says:

    Gubot. A good public transport system should be discuss na uy. Ga dako ang xudad og ga daghan ang mga sakyanan… dapat at this time mag huna² na sila ani. lisod na if uncontrollable na kau ang situation ayha pa i address ma worn out lang daun ang system additional costs na sad dayon. Downtown tram along DV Capistrano Tiano Bros junction ba kaha. Hinay² na i.obsolete ang jeep uy i bus nana.

  10. Lablab says:

    Hugaw sya tan-awon, tama dapat jud i-prioritize ni sa next nga mayor.

  11. @CGY says:

    Nice one!!!

  12. adiboy says:

    wow! unsa ni EDSA?

  13. adiboy says:

    unta ang west area pod damarre makoha please ;0) ganahan ko sa road dedtow.

  14. mycdo says:

    gubot sa adlaw but super nice sa gabii tungod sa lights..feling edsa at night… a great indicator that cagayan de oro is totally different before…it’s now a bustling metropolis even if the area is gamay ra kaayo compared sa ubang city nationwide

  15. gilbert t says:

    6 lanes? the pictures show how undisciplined kagay-anon drivers (and pedestrians) are. the pictures clearly show that its only 4 lanes, 2 lanes each way. the 3rd one is a shoulder. but then we are 4th world, so i guess its also a lane. sometimes i even see 4 vehicles on one direction, and some trisikads and sidewalk vendors and emano’s cigarette butts too, lets not forget about that.

  16. Bisakool says:

    Our City urban planners should consider to build a 6 lanes ring road or by pass road to reduce the volume of traffic in the city center, maybe 1 road in every 5 years.

  17. green says:

    wow.. mura cya ug edsa..

  18. nabsjobellsin says:

    Edsa…… mmmmm correct billboards are not sign of progress. I am cagay-anon but not proud to be cagay-anon. Grabe ka gubot highways palang and cogon public market. Bisag asa hugaw only big malls lang ang hinlo.  Shame dongkoy.

    • goldenskyscraper says:

      Tama! Billboards arent sign of progress… And maingon ra nimu nga gubot kai daghannnn jud sakyanan ang cdo… I disagree bisag asa kai hugaw. FYI, only a smaller part of cogon district are hugaw. Even in divisoria, naa bya tig limpyo. I just hope people are disciplined enough to throw their garbage into the right place to help the garbage cleaners.

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