Centrio Mall: Actual vs Rendering

A brief comparison between the actual (bottom) and the rendering (top) of Ayala’s Centrio Mall.

It’s not too often that the rendering is really followed during construction but this one clearly shows it, except for the landscape part of course….

photo by kagay

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  1. jk says:

    wow.. astig.. hi poh.. do you know po if naay bpo sa centrio? 🙂 tnx..

  2. lemons says:

    @jk: the white building on top of the mall is a bpo office, no information as to what company yet.

  3. Gene Eric says:

    Ilang tulog nalang…..

  4. asensoko says:

    Wheww. Dream come true. Centrio at last. ………..Amazing color combination. Fly high CDO.. Thank you Ayala Mall.

  5. jk says:

    @lemons.. tnx..:) dghan na unta daun col center ca cdeO.. para dli na m.adto sa cebu or manila.. heheh.. cant wait para mg.apply.. 😀

  6. Joseph says:

    Hmm. Feel nako murag  Last na na Ilandscape ang  Side sa Centrio 🙂 mag landfill pa guro. Zehaha

  7. arch says:

    naa daw…sa taas dapit…:)

  8. AJ says:

    Ask lang ..

    unsaon nag abay sa PEPSI sa agusan kay gi limpyohan man jod ang dako na yuta na abay sa PEPSI ?

    ug sa PUERTO pod naay DUHA ka dagkong bakante yuta ang gi limpyohan ? Unsa man ang projects dnha ?


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