PROJECT WATCH: More interior pictures of Centrio Mall

Here are additional interior photos of Centrio Mall. First photos show the Centrio Garden.

Expect more leaves to grow on the Acacia once the mall starts its operations and landscape maintenance phase takes over.


Photo below shows the interior leading to the Centrio Garden.

Photos below show some hallways of the mall.

Well, on the picture below…you notice the KENKO sign… Kenko Naicha perhaps…

photos and text by nooboon

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  1. paul says:

    murag university building, dili mall

  2. paul says:

    murag dili mall

  3. cdorocks says:

    hulati lang gud! dba ma amaze ka pagkahuman. remember wala pa nag open ang mga tenantsĀ šŸ™‚

  4. degei says:

    it looks like an international airport to me.. hehehe

  5. Ohlala says:

    mura jud ug skelahan, hahaha! pero nice man. thumbs up!

  6. john says:

    if it looks like an international airport or a university, then it means the look is unique, and it must be good….

    pero mga dodong, the tenants are still enclosed with plywoods, hence, this wood really look like skelahan….wait ”til clear glasses are exposed, masyado kau hot…hehe

    i was there an hour ago, and i promise, the mall is really really ayalaish in design and ambiance…..

  7. john says:

    sorry, should have been “would” not wood….

  8. Maria del baryo says:

    Once the shops will open it will look like a mall na, kasi glasses all over the place na, especially at night it’ll look amazingĀ 

  9. bisdak says:

    i hope the acacia will survive, it looks dead to me šŸ™

  10. Maria la del baryo says:

    Again the photo caption explains about the Acasia tree. It’s Acasia tree’s cycle. It’ll bloom this December. Dont worry. and thanks for your concern about the Acasia tree.

  11. Aldatsky says:

    Tinuod bitaw. Murag kadtong area sa XU Engineering ug CIT Building. Hehe. Basin daghan mga university students ang magtambay dinhi. Conducive for learning? Sa mga law students, gwapo mag-study sa starbucks kay sa mcDo duol sa XU.

  12. Aldatsky says:

    Dili Mc.Do, dunkin diay duol XU.

  13. john says:

    i was about to say that, looking closely at the pictures for the 2nd time, the portion of the mall with the acacia tree, looks to me like the xavier cit-engg building, with the very very cool ambiance….nice one…

  14. earl98 says:

    sure ko under the tree daghan moment nga mahitabo and sure ko naay magĀ propose dha

  15. lemons says:

    giputol naman tong acacia sa xu šŸ™

  16. Tayz says:

    Yes, g.putol na angĀ acaciaĀ sa xu because it was dangerous for the students already. Dghan falling branches

  17. Oh-em says:

    Ngano gamay ang hallway? mas lapad ghapon ang LKK as what I’ve observed..

  18. goldenskyscraper says:

    Nakasulod na diay ka? Hehe btaw, wla pa man na nahuman tawon oi. Syempre dull pa na krn pero pag humana, makaingon jud kag sayup ka xD nice ang interior pero dli sya gamay for an ayala mall. Nabelong bya ni sa regional mall sa ayala prehas sa acc, abreeza, harbor point ug marquee.

  19. Oh-em says:

    Mura sya’g Harbor Point :))))

  20. jp says:

    nice na kaayo ang circular sa centrio atbang sa gaisano kai naa nai word na centrio with color green iya lettering..

  21. kenko naicha says:

    hi! kenko naicha is located beside taters near the cinemas on the 3rd floor šŸ™‚ maybe that’s the kenko store that sells wellness products and machines.

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