Something’s cooking in Opol

There’s a new development in Opol right across Roan Beach Resort.

Although there are no tarpaulins or billboards onsite, local residents state that this development is being undertaken by Engr. Elpie Paras. As shown, the area is a former fishpond and a feeder/entrance road has been constructed across the property. Civil works are also ongoing with excavation and slope protection measures being undertaken. Perhaps, the site is just being prepared for another investment… 

Below is the main entrance gate.

Since the site is in the vicinity of Apple Tree Resort, Roan Beach, and Marvilla Beach, a resort development could just be feasible. And knowing Engr. Paras, we might have a new sports-oriented resort akin to CamSur. But then again, this is still a rumor. We wait what’s in store for us.

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  1. earl98 says:

    tinoud unta nga sports resort ni…

  2. ched says:

    i think i know whats going to be constructed in here. this is the much awaited water park.

  3. ched says:

    water adventure park will be constructed here

  4. Gene Eric says:

    Sakto, this place is great for wakeboarding and wake skating.  But the pond has to be clean, water has to cycle through to make it fresh, not stagnant water that may harbor diseases.

  5. Gene Eric says:

    And sandy, not muddy : )

  6. ched says:

    mr. paras is bringing the adventure in the city.  fabrication of the equipments are on-going already .

  7. degie says:

    in the metro dapat. not in the city… opol is part of metro cdo.. hehe

  8. eliza says:

    well, another project to watch out for!

  9. dahlia says:

    wowww!good news sakto nkpalit kog yuta dha s taboc opol ,very close.hope and pray mdayon unta nah n project.God bless.

  10. dahlia says:

    wowww!good news!sakto nkpalit kog yuta s taboc opol.just very close.hope and pray mdayon unta nah n project…God bless.

  11. RED HAWK says:

    good news nsad..

  12. cdo_pioneer says:

    mao ni siya ang wave resort……..

  13. disTROYed says:

    yes it would be nice to bring back Wet Adventure Park again but this time a little bit away from the residential area.. i dont mind the driving kung madayon man gali diha sa opol.. we need to bring it back, it is something that CDO people can be proud off coz i think we are the only city in mindanao to have a waterpark.

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