With less than a month left before the scheduled opening on November 9, 2012, here are more interior photos of Ayala’s first mall in Cagayan de Oro City.

All pictures are properly labeled as to which part of the mall the photo was taken. Below are some of the stores and mall merchants already working on their respective spaces.

Below are more shots of the Centrio Garden.

You could see the circular path around the Acacia and ongoing landscaping …


Below are photos of the different entrances to the mall….

The photo below is the first view of the mall’s basement parking. You should notice the tiled pavement.

Below are pictures showing the Activity Center. Shows of popular stars are held here. Come opening, expect some biggest names in the movie industry to appear on stage.

You could see that the Activity Center is right next to the Centrio Garden.

More photos of the mall’s upper floors…

The first floor hallway will greet you…

Can you still wait?

photos courtesy of kagay of ssc

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