Pueblo to launch Westwoods Village soon

Pueblo de Oro has already obtained the development permit and will soon launch its latest project Westwoods Village – the only residential project in Cagayan de Oro that is completely surrounded by forest.

Nestled in the heart of the Pueblo Urban Rainforest, Westwoods is envisioned as a family-friendly neighborhood with exclusive amenities just a short walk from one’s front door, including a clubhouse, parks and open spaces.

Westwoods will also have its own picnic area surrounding a pond where families could congregate to enjoy the fresh air and chirping of the birds. Trails would be established along the Pueblo Urban Rainforest where people could hike, jog or go horseback riding.

This close proximity to nature’s tranquility can only be experienced at Westwoods, giving residents a sense of seclusion and getting away from it all despite being only minutes away from life’s conveniences.


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  1. ea says:

    see it para maniwala ka!! kung gusto mu mag ka pera http://profitsee.org/ref.php?page=act/ref&invcod=12919

  2. Gene Eric says:

    For your safety, don’t click on a link that has nothing to do with the topic.

  3. degie says:

    kung pwedi pa lang i like imong comment!!! HAHAHAHA

  4. Hilabtanon Sia Kaayo says:

    maayo ni kay mingaw kay dili man high rise. asa na ba to sila ni henri, michelle, cheaps development only, et. al. gimingaw ko sa ilang mga negative comments. I like reading their childish remarks because it makes my young age go backward.

  5. Raf Simons says:


    para ni sa mga troll nga nanukad pa gikan sa Davao. Mga makaluluoy gyud sila ba. As if sila ang tag iya sa mga establishments dadto. Maypa kita sa CDO kay we’re real. Sila kay TH pa gyud ayu mag Tagalog-tagalog (Filipino) pero dili bagay I swear. Ga kantiawan ra sila sa mga taga Cebu and Luzon. Maayo pa kita kay Bisayang dako pero pag mag English maka-goosebumps saka tsada ug maayo.

    Walay ga pretend-pretend sa ato diri. Tsada pa gyud ta manamit and we speak English wayyy better than those satanists from Davao like Michelle, Henri, etc. I call them satanists for attacking us with the calamities that hit us like Sendong, etc. 

    To all Kagay-anons and friends of CDO, mga gwapo ug gwapa kita and wala tay dapat ika-ulaw ug ipretend-pretend. Gamay ra atong city but it has the charm that’s not found in cities infested with pretentious people who think their city is awesome and greater than NY lol (I’m about to throw up). 

    Only educated people from Davao are exempt from what I just said 🙂 

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