PROJECT WATCH: Other construction updates 59

Here are updates of other construction projects in the city (No. 59). Shown above is the building rising at the corner of A. Velez and A. Luna Streets.

The rumored Jollibee is steadily rising with rebars now up three storeys high.

There’s now a tarp for the proposed 3-storey commercial building in Lapasan.

Below are updates of the CFC Building in Nazareth.

The 4-storey dorm/pension house is almost done. From the outside, it looks finished.

The 3-storey building of Oro Savings & Sharing Coop. is also now on the exterior finishing stage.

Lastly, the 2-storey building below is also nearing completion.

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  1. moonwalker says:

    hi damarre….under construction daw ang 200 million GMA ┬áSTUDIO at pueblo de oro…..hope you can feature it soon…thanks……

  2. damarre says:

    where exactly at PDO?

  3. miko_06 says:

    wow quiet big investment….

  4. Gene Eric says:

    Puebo is on a ridge, a good location for signal propagation, like ABS-CBN which is also on a ridge in Bulua.

  5. ea says:

    see it para maniwala ka!! kung gusto mu mag ka pera

  6. adiboy says:

    damarre ingon akong manghud naa pod daw ang station sa TV5 sa bulua try daw check basen ga bakaka rato haha. under construction daw..

  7. moonwalker says:

    i have no idea of the exact area at pueblo sir… was just revealed that at pueblo…….gaby lopez visited cdo few days ago……abs-cbn will add one more radio station and three digital tv channels in cdo….it will be first in mindanao after cebu in visayas and upgrading of their studio in bulua will be realized soon…..

  8. moonwalker says:

    sir damarre…hope you would post ┬áthe proposed CLIMBS CONDOMINIUM. it will rise soon in cdo…i saw the perspective at the national convention on cooperatives at ketkai. thanks….

  9. AJ says:

    Ask lang ..

    unsaon nag abay sa PEPSI sa agusan kay gi limpyohan man jod ang dako na yuta na abay sa PEPSI ?

    ug sa PUERTO pod naay DUHA ka dagkong bakante yuta ang gi limpyohan ? Unsa man ang projects dnha ?


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