PROJECT WATCH: Other construction updates 58

Here are new projects in the city never been posted in this blog. First is the new stage of Southern Philippines College as shown above.

I don’t know if the stage is done already but the billboard has been there for several weeks already.

Next is a new fuel refilling station in Agusan, Cagayan de Oro City. As shown, the steel frame for the pumping station is now done. Excavation can also be seen in the background. I still have no info what company this is.

There’s another construction in the same area with that of King of Zion School as shown.

There’s also a rumored KIA Showroom rising beside BMW Showroom. Accordingly, their existing showroom at Cugman will be relocated. Still, we need to verify this.

photo by mm17

The next project would have been the Marikina Shoe Exchange Building but i’ve already poste dit HERE.

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  1. Kengy says:

    sir btw. dba ang exisitng showroom sa Kia is located at Gusa fronting CUMC

  2. Bamboo88 says:

    I think the building being constructed beside King of Zion School is TOM’s Business Hotel…                         

  3. Gene Eric says:

    I thought that building beside BMW was the 2nd Primavera tower but later I reckoned that cannot be because they didn’t made a deep foundation.  Yes, I later thought that it looks like a showroom, sakto gyud diay kung Kia.  

    BMW showrooms in other countries look exactly the same, I saw them in a Weel2Wheel program in National Geographic.

  4. Dude says:

    Siguro front part ang Kia kanang lot abay sa jetti… Dako dako pa man ang likod ana igo pa kayo ang 2nd building sa Primavera. 🙂

  5. ea says:

    see it para maniwala ka!! kung gusto mu mag ka pera

  6. shokoy says:

    ka busy ba sa magkapera oi 😀 😀 😀

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